How to order a paper shopping bag

How to order a paper shopping bag ,But if you are not familiar with this process, you should read the following article.

How to order a paper shopping bag نحوه سفارش ساک دستی کاغذی

How to order a paper shopping bag

Paper handkerchiefs are generally produced in two ways, each of which is selected depending on the size of the manual packer. Handbags are designed and manufactured in one piece or two. If the size of hand luggage finals to be that wide hand luggage, in a printed form to print it out for a piece and if the printing bag in one piece and in a form not two pieces produced.

In a handbag in one piece, the design of the two sides of the hand carts does not affect the price, but in the two-piece handbag, the difference in design between the two sides of the hand bag will increase the price. The reason for this is that it does not make a difference in its production and cost when it comes to the production of a single piece of packet if the design of the two sides of the bag is variable or identical. Because the entire project is in a printed form, printed and does not add to the cost of production. But in a two-piece handbag, as the design changes to the back of the sack, it adds another form, so the cost of production is added and, as a rule, increases the price for the consumer.

Order steps

The first step is to select the desired size for designing the handwheel. This is very important in order to place a handbag. It is recommended and recommended. Before designing a hand bag and choosing the size, make sure the size of the manufacturer’s intended size is commendable for the size and cost-effectiveness of the manufacturer. The important thing is that the production of a hand bag is possible with most sizes, but it may cost a difference of one or two centimeters, if this change is feasible. So Part Sales experts are also trained to offer you the best option.

Another point to be considered in the design discussion is the lines up and the shape of the handwheel. It is advisable to ask the manufacturer to design the hand bag before designing, if you are not familiar with the type of handbag template. Also, if you want to give us the honor of producing a handbag, you can view the templates in the site’s guide and, if you do not have the size, please contact our experts to provide the necessary advice. . In the design of a hand bag as in all print jobs, it is important to consider the main items that are fully included in the guide section of the handbags.

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