Childrens paper bag

Childrens paper bag

Childrens paper bag

ساک دستی کاغذی کودکان

Handcrafted, in addition to its efficiency as a packaging and transportation tool, in many cases as a kind of promotional gift, has been able to play a good role in promoting and promoting the brand. Fantasy handbags also have a huge impact on your brand introduction. The main thing is to use these handbags for children,

which will attract attention with fantasy designs.

Production of handbag

Production of handbag

Production of handbag

Brown paper bags are made of craft paper. Hand-held bags are often used in large stores or as gift wrappers and can be produced from any type of paper and with any color

Paper handles can even be made from recycled paper and can be recycled easily. In some countries, there are local rules for the production of paper bags of recycled materials, which, after being used by consumers, can be recovered from them.

For better results, more beautiful colors and … In the production of hand lanterns, lithographic printing can be used to print a hand bag. In this way, the print quality, the colors chosen, and … will be much more accurate and delicate

Single layer or multi-layer

Shopping bags, craft handbags, food bags, breads and other light weight bags have only one layer of paper. Many of these bags and bags are printed with the name of the store and their brand, and they are not waterproof

Multilayer handles with matte or glossy polyurethane foam are more resistant, they can withstand more weight and somewhat prevent water contamination

برای سفارش ساک دستی کاغذی ordering a handbag

?What should I pay attention to when ordering a handbag

To order a hand-made paper bag, you need to take a few tips to point out below

The first case

Select the size of the hand bag. For this, consider your type of use and the tasks that are supposed to be placed in the manual bag and try to choose the smallest size that you need to meet your needs

After you have calculated the size of your intended measure. It is better to share this size with the manufacturer to offer you the best deal

In some cases, a small amount can be reduced by manually reducing the size of the backpack, so if the size of your choice can be changed, be sure to share this with the manufacturer of the handbag to give you an optimal and cost-effective size. Calculate and offer you

second item

Selecting the type of paper. In this case, if you do not have familiarity with this, it is better to first specify the gloss or kraft, and it is better to consult the manufacturer for the next steps, such as the heat and paper type. For every size, there is at least a gravity that can have a good look and feel. You also need to consider the weight of the product you want to put in the manual sachet because the selection of the gravity requires information about the weight as well as the type of goods. So, if you order a handbag for the first time, be sure to describe all the important issues for the manufacturer.

Third item

Selecting the type of printing is influenced by the type of paper selected in the previous step

– Craft

If you choose craft paper for a manual bag, you have to restrict the printing requirements because the kraft paper is color-coded and affects the design and printing. If you choose kraft paper, it’s better to print single Color or two colors. Of course, if you have a professional design, you can run attractive designs on the kraft paper by printing four colors.

– Glace

In contrast, if you have selected a glossy paper, you do not have any restrictions and you can take any type of printing and service you are looking for. According to the above, you first need to design your preferred paperwork, and it’s best to work with a professional designer to make the cost you want to do for the handbag best used. To be placed

After the design, send the design to the manufacturer to be checked in terms of design and layout and color definition, and if you have a problem, you will be notified

To design if the manufacturer of a hand bag is equipped with a design studio, it is better to leave it to the same set because the design of a handbag requires familiarity with items that only designers familiar with this are able to do

After the steps above, you will be asked to choose the cover or other post-print services

There are a lot of services you can do to get a good handkerchief and you need to tailor the service to suit your handbag design

One point in this section is that the cover of the hand bag, which is a compulsory service, is, of course, if you have selected a glossy paper

Glossy paper Due to the type of paper texture, it should be clogged so that the handwheel can not be torn when making or consuming it, but the kraft handbags need not be coated

Other services that you can use on a hand-held paper bag are as follows: Most of these services can only be used on glossy paper. Most of them can not be used on a Kraft hand bag

You can use a variety of Uvy on a handy sachet, including topical uvula, sandy uvine, uvine tenpole, three-dimensional uvew, uwo patterned, yuwu leather design, and so on

Other services also include: Emboss, Embossing, Gold Crushing, Silver Crushing and the whole coloring, Wicket and

Metallic handbag

Another type of handbag that is produced in the unit’s handwheel unit is a metallic handkerchief. In this type of handbag, paper or cardboard is first covered with silver or golden or other colors, followed by printing and other services on them. This type of handbag has a smoother appearance and can be enjoyed by many different brands.

The final stage

After all the steps above, the time of production of your paper handkerchief starts and you should wait until the date of the announcement by the manufacturer of the hand bag waiting for the manual bag to be prepared

The important thing when handing a sack is delivery is to test the type of construction and view the type of printing and the requested service to make sure you have delivered all the services you want

Another important point is that most manufacturers do not fit handbags and deliver them to you individually, so if this is important for you, tell the manufacturer when ordering that the straps in the sacks Place and deliver you

We hope this article will be useful to you and you will be more comfortable with your order process

تاریخچه تولید ساک دستی Handbag production history

Handbag production history

تاریخچه تولید ساک دستی

Hand bags are usually made of paper and are made with craft paper and glossy paper. Handbags are used as shopping bags, packing cases and so on

In 1852, Francis Wool (the school teacher) invented the first hand-made machine and, with his brother, recorded it. Then the Union created a handbag

In 1871, Margaret Knight designed a device that produced handbags, and founded the Eastern Paper Bag Company. This sack was more durable than the design of the past, and could withstand more weight


In 1883, Charles Stewl invented a device that produced hand pallets. Putting things in these bags and carrying them was much easier than the previous ones. This style of bag was known as SOS or the auxiliary sachet

In 1912, Walter Dobner, a store manager at St. Paul, added bundles as handles to hand luggage to make them easier to carry. These shopping bags could weigh 30 kilograms. For this reason, they became very popular among the people. In 1915, Dobbner sold more than a million handbags. Hand-held handles along with the handles were later placed in the standard of supermarkets. Which were published with the brand’s color and logo of that store

Plastic bags were introduced in the 1970s. Due to their low cost, they quickly replaced the paper bags. Plastic bags were a good option for grocery stores. But many clothing stores, restaurants, and … still used hand-held paper bags

In 2015, the largest paper handkerchief in England was produced in the Records Book. (Height: 22.5 meters, width 15.4 meters, depth 36.3 meters)

محصول تبلیغاتی برتر در انگلستان Top advertising product in the UK

Top advertising product in the UK

Top advertising product in the UK

According to Sourcing City, in 2015, about 12.8 percent of ads in the UK were the share of manual handles produced in the country

Hand bags are produced using natural fibers, paper and … which are environmentally friendly. For greater effectiveness, a wide range of these bags was produced and distributed throughout the city, stores, fashion shows and more. These handbags provide countless advertising opportunities for each brand

A bag for life

The British government boosted production by placing the “bag for life” slogan on these handbags, making it a necessity for people to use

Not only is hand-printed bags handy for customers and users extremely practical and useful, but also an ideal way to promote brands and marketing. Companies can easily see their branded handkerchief anywhere, because people are everywhere, and the likelihood of using their branded handbag also increases

So the proper design and excellent quality of the handbrake is very important

انواع بند ساک دستی A variety of hand bag

A variety of hand bag

A variety of hand bag

Paper handbags have different stitches that can be selected according to the taste and cost of each set. The handy bags that you see in most places use most of the 5 types of braces below

Normal strap

Most used, and if this type of strap is not in your order, this type of strap will be used for your handbag. The following is an image of this type that you can order in different colors, but it should be noted that there is a color limit and all colors are not available

بند معمولی


Another type of strap is used for paper bag holders. This type of straw is known as “Hibiscus” because its texture is like a beehive. It has two slim and thick models, and this type of strap is in different colors. The image of this model is below, so you can choose your desired model

بند زنبوری

Belt screw

After the usual belt, it is the most widely used type of bucket. This type of strap is known for its warped warp texture, and you can see the image below

بند پیچ


This clause is the type of fabric and texture, like the screwdriver, and the only difference is that the jumper fibers are used to produce the hand strap. These types are most commonly used in the production of kraft handbags

بند کنفی


This type of strap is one of the most common types of straps due to the excess price. To make this item, the ribbon is used with a very shiny holder. Although the use of this type of strap is suitable for some businesses and does not have a special effect for everyone

بند روبانی

الگو ساک دستی کاغذی Template paper handbag

Template paper handbag

Template paper handbag

A paper handwriting pattern is a design concept and a type of folding handbag before printing that designers should do the job with regard to the size and technicalities of the production of a hand bag

If you are a designer and you are not familiar with this category, in this article we will try to guide you as much as possible

First, you need to specify the type and size of your printed form, depending on the size of the handwheel

This work is very simple. First, according to the simple formula below, specify the initial information for determining the form

(Width Handle + Turning Width ( * 2 + 2

With respect to the number obtained, you can get one of the items of the minimum paper length or width for printing this sack

If the number obtained is below 70, we will calculate the size of the other side required by the formula below

Altitude Handle + Turning / 2 + 6

If the numbers obtained from the above formulas, which are at least the size of the paper you require, can be used in the size of paper up to 50×70 or 35×50, the above formulas are the same, and in the technical sense, your handbag is available as a piece, and if larger It was better to consider the hand bag as 2 pieces, in which case the formulas would be as follows

(Width of Handle + Turn( +2
Altitude Handle + Turning / 2 + 6

Using the above description, you can go through the first step of selecting the required paper, and then enter into the design of the pattern design paper bag

For this section, by viewing the articles in the Parth’s handbag, or by visiting the help section and seeing the models, you can easily design the handbag or your favorite shpig bag

If you encounter any questions or problems at any of the above steps, contact us by email

ساک دستی تبلیغاتی Promotional handbag

Promotional handbag

Promotional handbag

A promotional handbag is a type of handbag, made of paper or cardboard. The handbag today includes different names

Shopping bag, Handbag, Shaping Bag, Bag, Promotional Bag, Sack Bags, Product Bag and similar names, some of which are much more common

Handy bags are a great deal of use, for which you can read the article on paper handkerchiefs

Promotional bags are one of the most widely used types of handbags, which are always welcomed by various occupations. The difference between a paper and paper promotional paper bag and a paper carton depends on the paper’s warmth in the production of the bag. If the paper thickness of the paper is 200 grams higher, it is a card holder and, if lower than 200 grams, it is referred to as a paper promotional bag

قیمت ساک دستی کاغذی کرافت Craft Paper Handbag Price

Craft Paper Handbag Price

Craft Paper Handbag Price

Calculating the cost of printing a craft paper handkerchief and manufacturing paperback shaping is difficult for many colleagues, and price inquiry is time-consuming for them. With the design of the Part-Bag community, the Part of the suite, with the help of experienced programmers, has sought to greatly meet the needs of the various people in this field

Also, many customers need to have a craft paper handkerchief in a variety of ways, so that they can decide on it. The price inquiry process for a manual handbag with different modes may be very time-consuming and it is not possible for some manufacturers to calculate with different conditions for the customer

But you can use the online partbag system to check the price of your favorite craft paper handkerchief throughout the day, and you can even insert your order completely online if you decide

Send your file in the online order insertion and do not worry about the possible problems with the file. In the help section, the type of posting and how to format and layout is explained, but still be sure that if there is a problem in the file, our colleagues will keep you posted

ساک دستی تبلیغاتی کاغذی Promotional Paper Hand Bag

Promotional Paper Hand Bag

Promotional Paper Hand Bag

A paper or cardboard promotional bag is a kind of paper bag or cardboard. The handbag today includes different names

Shopping bag, Handbag, Shaping Bag, Bag, Promotional Bag, Sack Bags, Product Bag and similar names, some of which are much more common

Paper promotional paper holders are a great deal of use, for which you can read the Paper Handling Tool

Paper and paper handbags are one of the most widely used type of handbags, which are always welcomed by various occupations. The difference between a paper and paper promotional paper bag and a paper carton depends on the paper’s warmth in the production of the bag. If the paper thickness of the paper is 200 grams higher, it is a card holder and, if lower than 200 grams, it is referred to as a paper promotional bag