الگو ساک دستی کاغذی Template paper handbag

Template paper handbag

Template paper handbag

A paper handwriting pattern is a design concept and a type of folding handbag before printing that designers should do the job with regard to the size and technicalities of the production of a hand bag

If you are a designer and you are not familiar with this category, in this article we will try to guide you as much as possible

First, you need to specify the type and size of your printed form, depending on the size of the handwheel

This work is very simple. First, according to the simple formula below, specify the initial information for determining the form

(Width Handle + Turning Width ( * 2 + 2

With respect to the number obtained, you can get one of the items of the minimum paper length or width for printing this sack

If the number obtained is below 70, we will calculate the size of the other side required by the formula below

Altitude Handle + Turning / 2 + 6

If the numbers obtained from the above formulas, which are at least the size of the paper you require, can be used in the size of paper up to 50×70 or 35×50, the above formulas are the same, and in the technical sense, your handbag is available as a piece, and if larger It was better to consider the hand bag as 2 pieces, in which case the formulas would be as follows

(Width of Handle + Turn( +2
Altitude Handle + Turning / 2 + 6

Using the above description, you can go through the first step of selecting the required paper, and then enter into the design of the pattern design paper bag

For this section, by viewing the articles in the Parth’s handbag, or by visiting the help section and seeing the models, you can easily design the handbag or your favorite shpig bag

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