شاپینگ بگ چیست؟ What is Shopping Bag

What is Shopping Bag

What is a shopping bag ? Shopping Bag ( paper bag ) is an object for easy movement of goods purchased by the customer.

شاپینگ بگ چیست؟ What is Shopping Bag

What is Shopping Bag ?

In other words, if you want to sell a product, you must have a way to carry it. For example, suppose you have a clothing store and a customer buys two or three items and wants to take them with him. That you give the goods to the customer in addition to having a very bad effect. In many cases this is not possible or creates a problem for the customer.

Therefore, the use of shopping bags is mandatory and you must choose one of its types. The best option for these cases is to design and produce cardboard and paper handbags. Print your logo, image or store name on your handbag to make it more attractive, in addition to providing a product to introduce yourself to people without spending much money.

One of the handbags that is welcomed by many businesses today and is highly recommended for environmental protection, is craft handbags. Because it is easily recyclable and can be used many times, and also a tree is not cut to produce it. Therefore, collections that support the environment have received a lot of attention.

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