Types of Shopping Bag

Types of Shopping Bag ,Shaping Bag has different types of construction and construction. In terms of sex, we can categorize the skipping beags as follows.


انواع شاپینگ بگ Types of Shopping Bag

Types of Shopping Bag

plastic Shopping Bag

Shaping is a plastic bag that is mainly made of nylon or nylon. More used in vegetable and fruit grocery stores, supermarkets, deli stores and more. This type of shaping bag is not used in most advanced countries due to its plasticity and long-lasting degradability, and several years ago in our country there were also foundations for not using this type of shingding bag. Has been

fabric Shopping Bag

The other type of swing bag is the type of cloth that this model has varied types. One type that’s more conventional, more affordable, and more popular, is the nano-sized skeins known as fabric. Despite the name of this type, it is a cloth but the base is plastic and has the same disadvantages of skipping plastic bags. But there are other types of these sacks that use a variety of fabrics, including flax and mica to produce them. This type has been welcomed in recent years, but due to its high price difference with nanoscale sticks, they are still more fortunate

paper Shopping Bag

The last type of shaping bag is a type of paper and cardboard that is used extensively. This type of bundle offers a much wider range of customers to choose from because of its colorful variety, print and side services

Shaping Bags In terms of construction in general, two standard and fast food models can be divided. Shaping the usual bags that you often encounter when shopping for the goods are bags with high-flip flops, forefoot and strap for carrying, but in the swim ups of the fast-flowing backs of the upper lip, strap and insoles because of the need and There is also no price cut. This type of shuffling bag is used to carry food.

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